When to have a Cappuccino.

A Cappuccino is an espresso coffee with steamed milk foam on the top named after the Capuchin Friars because of the colour of their brown hooded habits.
I am English so I remember when Cappuccinos were the latest thing to order after dinner in England and everyone did, thinking we were so continental! In Italy it is generally thought that the cappuccino is a drink that you have with breakfast or in the morning, up until lunchtime and not after. Italians are very particular about this. They will of course, serve you after lunchtime as they are now used to the strange foreign ways of tourists, but they are not happy. If you have a large dinner and then Cappuccino you may notice eyes rolling to heaven from the waiter or barman. Especially horrrible combinations include having a Cappuccino and a Limoncello after a large dinner. You will get served, but reluctantly and with some concern for your oncoming indigestion.
Cristina at the Barrino in Montisi believes that if a cappuccino looks better it will taste better. I like mine steaming hot so that I can sit and relax but most Italians like theirs luke warm so they can drink it quickly because they are usually rushing off somewhere. In Montisi you can have a morning cappuccino at Il Barrino, Bar Mamà or Osteria di Simone.

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