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‘In the middle of a two week journey to Tuscany. That particular day was a highlight for us: Liz Cochrane taught our group of ten a class in watercolor painting. With much trepidation we neophytes approached our instructor with claims of, “We have no talent, have never painted before and it’s a lost cause!” Liz with her charming and witty personality simply smiled and began to demonstrate ‘Step One’. By the end of the day we each held a personal ‘masterpiece’ . . . all rather proud, but none more than our instructor. She is pure delight!
Corinne Laskey


‘My husband and I were on trip to Montisi with a group of friends recently.  One of the scheduled events was a painting class with Liz Cochrane.  To be honest, we were somewhat apprehensive about going all the way to Tuscany and taking time for a painting class. As soon as we met Liz, however, it became clear that this was going to be a special day.  Those of us who never felt we had any painting ability were so surprised that, with her help, our paintings were quite good.  Her friendly personality made this one of the highlights of the trip. We would highly recommend Liz and her teaching ability.’

Betty & Pete Poltrack


‘It is obvious that Liz Cochrane is an outstanding artist in reviewing her body of work. As a former student, I enjoyed her teaching style and personality even more than her expertise. She is an elegant woman, yet very down-to-earth and uses the legendary English wit to its fullest. She is very easy to spend time with, an interesting conversationalist and helpful in all things involved in the art experience. I recommend her highly.

PS. I am really proud of my painting and will frame and hang it in a place of honor!’

Henry Conn


‘Liz was an excellent instructor.  As a novice I was very nervous but with Liz’s engaging people skills, I soon relaxed and started to learn and enjoy.  Liz was able to instruct a large group of varying talents and keep everyone engaged.  A friend, Jane Howland, had started her first art lessons with Liz the year before I took my lessons.  I was excited to have the same opportunity because thanks to Liz’s groundwork, Jane has blossomed into an artist whose work is in demand.  You would be lucky to have her as instructor.’

Nancy Puckett, Roswell, GA USA


‘Dear Liz, I just had to write and tell you again how much I enjoyed taking your painting classes in Montisi. I had never painted before but the idea of a painting class in Tuscany sounded like an experience not to pass up. I never thought I would come home with anything. Especially two completed paintings! In two days! I framed them and hung them on the wall as soon as I got home. I am so proud of them and I can’t believe I painted them! They are the best souvenir I have ever brought home from a trip. I smile and remember an amazing week in Montisi everytime I look at them. Painting in your courtyard was a highlight of my trip to Italy and I dream of coming back and doing it again someday soon.

Jill Well

‘Liz, meeting you was one of the highpoints of our visit to Toscana. You are an amazing, creative artist and what I appreciate so much, a GREAT teacher!  You communicate better than almost any teacher I have known in either music or art. We both have such tremendous respect for you!’

Stephen and Cynthia Swedish

Thank you for my art lesson. My picture looks brilliant and I loved creating it . You taught me things I could never do and you made learning fun. You are an amazing teacher and I would be extremely happy to do it again.your studio was a cool place to go to.
From Thea age 11.

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  1. e &g from boston says:

    we spent a lovely morning learning to paint a watercolor with liz. as beginners both, we were appreciative of her patient instruction and confidence in our ability to turn out a piece of art -which we did! we found our time relaxing and satisfying. and- our paintings will serve as a delightful memory of our time in Tuscany. thanks, liz! we will be back.

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